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She's a painter of art fake,painter in oils and watercolorist.Over the last twenty years she has exhibited in Itali and Switzerland as well as in manu cities of Europe and the world,London,Berlin,New York,Sydney, personal e collective.She has started taking an interest in a variety of techniques:pencil,charcoal,pastel,tempera,painting  on canvs fabric,oil paint...always keeping her style and her artistic creativity,without being influenced by the style and preferences of teachers,as often happens.After a slowdown of her artistic route at cause the study,she is passionate to the watercolor,a tecnique little known and appreciated in Italy.To he watercolor and its history she has dedicated one website.Later she has learned to make copies of famous paintings with the design,style,colors,details faithfull to the original.The museum quality.Each copy is accompanied by a Certificate attestin to the falsity of the picture and if the subjeet is protected by copyright,(artist died less than seventy years or life),the copy is accompanied by the authorization of the owners of reproduction rights.The artist,in her reproductins,prefer the impressionists,particularly Vincent van Gogh.At present she is appreciate as painter of false and watercoulorist,two tecniques she has prefered in the last years.Among her passions,the game of chess.

Hello !Presenting my artistic biography I have deliberately omitted the standard parameters that are usually presented in this section;exhibitions, critical,awards.I meet the art world when I was a young girl,I know it very well.It is a very complex world made,also, from many appearances,too,
that end up obscuring the concreteness of who really loves art.
What use is it publish a pair of sincere criticisms,when,in the opposite,are published ten criticisms duly paid?(years ago I was told that the cost was approximately 700-800 euros each!).
What use is it make a rank of honest awards ,when it will be obscured by the mountains of awards received by others, in exchange of only the costs of the secretariat?(It is enough to get published on some art catalog).
Sure,you could get the same game and have the opportunity to compete on equal terms,but in the end this would only serve to dazzle those who do not truly know the art world, to appear important in the eyes of the inexperienced.
This is not art is only an appearance, and I,as artist , do not want to get into this widespread and pointless game.

Thus, the art are to describe what we are,the art must delight or not , with good peace of the lists of awards and critical.

                                            Maria Pia

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